Unlock the potential

Services and products are now facing a survival race trying to improve their customers' retention rates.

To be competitive, you must have a profound insight into your offer and take action before your business stalls.

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I'm Isabel

but you can call me Iz

Ever since 2006, I've been working with clients and teams to help unlock the full potential of their brands.

Been both Product and Project Manager for more than 10 years and I know what it takes.

Owned my own business, so I know what's a stake. 


I won't overwhelm you with rocket science jargon nor will I make of language a complicated matter. Let's face it, it may sound difficult but once you are on the job it's simple. It's really simple.

You know your business as no one else does, and I know how to help you take it to the next level. Super simple if we team-up.




Customer Experience plus Service Analysis

It's not just a pretty interface, a call center or even the location in a mall. It's knowing what happens with your customers every step of the way.

Follow your customers' journey while they interact with each of your communication channels to get a real insight into how you are performing.



Placing one foot in front of the other

I can help you level-up your business, creating a website, promoting your products or services on social media, or even help you get your product to Kickstarter.



A Comprehensive Approach to Business

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results.

+ 300 projects

+ 18 timezones

+ 10.000 hours managing projects


Happy Clients


Megan Elliot

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Founding Director of the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts

Isabel delivers brilliant creative projects on-budget and on-time. I worked with Isabel across multiple time-zones and continents and her excellent communication skills, ability to manage virtually distributed teams and to manage expectations meant that it was always an absolute joy to work with her. I recommend you work with Isabel today!

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Christian Wettre

President at W-Systems

Isabel has the rare combination of design skills AND project management skills. This leads to things getting done. Her designs are always fresh and spot on. I can explain a vague idea I have and she will always surprise me by having understood what I wanted and translated it into a really professional design concept.

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Cecilia Martinez-Gil  

Poet, Translator, Teacher. Pursuing an MA in Urban Sustainability and an MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch University.

Her creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to interpret her clients needs cannot only be observed in the process but also in the outcome of her work, which undeniably yielded a distinctive and successful signature.

Diversified Experience

B2C and B2B. Companies with different sizes and objectives: from a one-person company to corporations, universities, and NGOs.

Across different industries: services, products, rural, industry, insurance, software,  agencies, aeronautics, home, and industrial automation.