About me

It all started a very long time ago...

I got an early understanding that results are not defining,  but just a check-up mark to understand where you are heading to.

Digital Product Manager, Service Designer or Social Environmental Innovation Activist are areas of expertise for a woman like me. Creativity has no limits, so I love this profession.

I became a Brand Paladin, someone who looks upon after every single detail that is involved in the product, think in advance, develop roadmaps and think about a lifecycle. Then someone at the office said:

-"Hey, you're more of a 'Product' Manager than a 'Project' Manager"

and then... BANG it hit me.

I am aware that my colleague didn't know there was a term for what I was doing, he was just joking around. But the term, the tasks, and my natural curiosity where just a match made in heaven.

...the term, the tasks, and my natural curiosity where just a match made in heaven.

to Infinity... and Beyond

There are times where you just have to give your own life a checkup.

In my case, I decided that something that was meaningful to me was to become a mother. The first years were very challenging. I had the opportunity to work from home, and so I kept pushing forward my career while keeping a personal and professional balance.


Personal changes in my life and moving to a new country were an issue, but my son has been my inspiration. He always reminds me how far with your creativity you can get.

People see me as calm, perceptive and executive. I see myself as curious, focused and hardworking. But don't take my word for it. If you are interested in me having an in-house position at your company, you'll find the AssessFirst Report interesting to understand how I think, what drives me and what can I bring to your team.




The Takeaway
  • Worked globally across 18 timezones, leading projects and product development in different cultures.

  • B2C and B2B. Companies with different sizes and objectives: from a one-person company to corporations, universities, and NGOs.

  • Across different industries: services, products, rural, industry, insurance, software,  agencies, aeronautics, home, and industrial automation.

  • Master in Strategic Design and Innovation.

  • Service Designer. Project Manager. Product Manager.

  • World citizen.

  • Involved in repopulation and resettlement activities and projects involved in the "España Vaciada".

  • Studying more about environmental issues and social impacts on rural areas. Pushing forward "Tus Aldeas".

  • Contributing to small and rural companies to take off their projects through investigation and mentoring.


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Isabel is a hard-working professional who could totally handle high expectations and stressful environment. She is a focus, calm and genuine person, an impressive woman.

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