We can all collaborate in making rural areas flourish again, supporting those who commute from home and those who sow rural businesses.


Here are some principles on how I commit to these resilient entrepreneurs.

There are passionate and young professionals who are wishing they could move back to rural areas.

Lack of employment and a lack of opportunities to develop their own business, hinder this process and even halts it; young people might not take the risk to move if the system has no place for them, against all their willingness and desire.

Volunteer Group


Social Project

The main goal of this project is to stop the population diminish in these regions and to push a demographic, social and sustainable environmental development while providing support to emergency units and local governments in social affairs.

The project makes special stress on Galicia and the Galician culture.


I want to Collaborate
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I usually count with great professionals to develop wow!ness.


In those projects where there is a need to hire a professional with a specific profile, rural professionals who live in low demographic density and comply with the profile are considered the most valuable asset. 



There is a dire need to provide these companies with the necessary tools to enable them to compete in the global market, take them closer to their potential customers and make a better world.

I provide them a 20% discount on every service.

I strongly believe that we, as a community, must advocate for a richer and more productive Spain. Nobody should have to feel forced to abandon their land, their town, their family, their roots, to make a living.  Coming from the digital marketing world I have had the chance to work from many different places on the web design and digital strategy industry.


As an immigrant, coming from a family of emigrants, we have turned into world nomads, seeking for our family welfare, on one side and another of oceans and mountains, through languages and cultures.


This is something no family should go through, this identity dismemberment, where traditions and the love of our beloved ones are taken away from us. Even if this turns us into world citizens, this should be a choice, and not a decision made out of adversities or under the impossibility to seek our dreams.