DiMi Telematics

We built a really cool mobile app for DiMi Telematics, a domotics company.

They are experts on machine-to-machine technologies and asked us to come up with a mobile remote control that could act as a bridge between different brands of hardware and software.

What does this mean?

It means we created an amazing tool that allowed you to remote control all sensors, lights, windows, security, air conditioning or any automatable hardware on your smart building.


Alert me when the gas pressure is over the normal range? Done.

Turn on air conditioning in the meeting room? Sure!

Turn off lights and lock doors before Crazy Anne from Accounting reaches my desk!

We got you covered ;) .

The app was built to send and receive information from very different systems and protocols, using an abstraction layer that acted as a bridge and a real-time translator between the building, its hardware and sensors, the software, and the user. To achieve this we used tools such as Node, Angular, Rails, and of course a good deal of slick responsive design and UX testing.

Tested on actual facilities in New York City, the app allowed customers to fully program and cascade different orders based on relation, scheduling, user permissions, or sensor information - temperature, pressure, activity.

An elegant user interface that allows you to automate the entire technology behavior of your building in just a few taps.