After Mailchimp asked us to create sixty-holiday templates in sixty days for their multi-million user software, we just couldn't hold ourselves from performing the "chicken dance".

Once we recovered our breath, we knew we would have to come up with one creative idea, draft, iteration, coding and testing every day for two months.  We began the challenge with the first set of ten templates for Thanksgiving.

And ten more for Halloween came after.

We worked hand-in-hand with Mailchimp’s amazing team and the reward was far beyond our wildest expectations. 

Thirty more designs, plus a never-seen-before close up on Santa’s boots as the bonus track.

And ten more gorgeous New Year’s templates to greet your clients, friends and, client-friends.

For four years, our templates were available for free for 15 million email marketers, who used them year after year to greet their readers on these special dates on hundreds of million emails. 

We got featured on Mailchimp’s blog, became Top Experts and got amazing feedback from every continent. In time, our designs even circled back to our inboxes in some of the publications we’re subscribed to and made us feel quite proud.  :)