“We want the Rolls Royce of Healthcare Websites”

Not the most detailed brief, true, but it’s what we were asked for, and it’s exactly what we delivered. A great looking corporate design, plus a full revamp to their Personal Health Record application. Best made better. Just like Mr. Royce said.

MedeFile had been a long-time client when we rolled out the app and website. By that time we had, among other things, revamped their logo, brand, stationery, and supporting materials.


"A UI that saves lives", we said to ourselves. Our clients had an outdated and clunky application. It required serious refreshing, both on the outside and the inside. We took the challenge, and it was a big one.

We re-architectured the User Experience, created a completely new interface and built a Symfony based application that was more reliable, faster, more compatible, responsive, extensible and beautiful.

This project became a serious challenge regarding security and access to the many types of stakeholders involved in the medical industry. We had to reinvent our view on health and get into every stakeholder's shoes to pull a UI that saves lives.