The Highboy is a thriving startup providing the best online antique marketplace. Founders Olga Granda-Scott and Doug Scott came to us with their vision, and we delivered a gorgeous end to end solution that works as fine as it looks.


The Highboy is one of my all-time favorite projects. We had the opportunity to work on every step of the process, from logo creation and website design to full marketplace custom coding and release. 

The reception was so good that the site was featured by the Wall Street Journal who called it “A hip contender to the antique's throne” and were also interviewed by The Miami Herald as they won The Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge. 

It all began with a brand new logo, visual identity, brand guide, and materials. We traveled to their premises to understand the company's "real feel" and how they delivered their service. 


Diving into such a process is not easy if you don’t know what you’re talking about, so we had to explore the exotic world of antiques and antiquaries. Do you know what Victorian furniture is? We didn’t. We listened hard, took a lot of notes and learned faster.


They needed something elegant, editorial, strong, current, yet classic. 

This wasn’t a simple corporate site design, branding, blog, or eCommerce. It was all of that altogether and more.

We needed to create an entire marketplace from scratch. It had to satisfy the buyer, but also please and engage the sellers. And above all, we needed to come up with a product for a very specific niche industry. 

Once the design, the service design, the backend UX, and our prototypes were ready, we were ready to move on to coding. We chose a stack of tech ensuring performance, speed and reliability and developed a bespoke backend including an eCommerce platform using Ruby on Rails.


Then we added the finishing touches with a beautiful online magazine, a stunning newsletter, and an unmatchable user experience. 

The result?

Our clients were able to compete from day one, face to face, with long-established, huge companies that (used to) rule their industry.  The site attracted more than 100 dealers and $25 million of inventory, and their traffic grew at a 35 percent month-over-month rate.