Via Villas

As one of the first websites to offer vacation rentals on luxury properties, VIA’s promise is very special and long-tested: a tailored experience for every customer.  After a two-decade adventure in a very competitive industry, Lori and James have a unique way to foster discovery and serendipity that resulted in thousands of happy travelers with great stories to share.


VIA had an outdated website with a tailored backend that wasn't easy to update or expand to fit their current marketing strategy. The design didn’t help showcase their wonderful properties anymore. We took care of that through a highly customized Content Management System (ExpressionEngine), a beautiful design, a bulletproof newsletter and a visual narrative that makes you start dreaming about your trip to Italy right now.

As a luxury vacation rental niche, we had to take special care into translating the wonderful service they provide. Service design was key to uncover the secrets behind this unique value proposition.