W-Systems is a leading CRM and Cloud Solutions company, which also happens to be the best SugarCRM partner in the world. They have a very strong company culture, a team capable of handling any project, huge amounts of content and a unique, acute sense to understand their clients across all scenarios.

I've checked you out on Google, and everything you say about yourself is real!.

Awkward, but true. This was the first of many conversations I had with Christian Wettre, President at W-Systems, from 2009 to 2015.

We developed a whole set of marketing materials and renewed their website every one and a half years due to the thousands of entries they share. Their style needed permanent improvement and a flexible website that empowered the business instead of limiting it.

Despite having thousands of entries in the CMS, W-Systems' website has always been fast to browse by readers, and simple and flexible to edit by publishers. A powerful ExpressionEngine setup that allowed them to play with multiple entry relations, custom content, and a completely flexible design, while Act-On's marketing intelligence allows for total integration of forms, landing pages, and lead capture workflows.

It’s a great example of how Inbound Marketing must be deployed.

I've witnessed their evolution, from small provider to leader in their industry,  and  I must confess I couldn't be happier and proud of their success and the part I took on each step of their development. 

This is a testimony of the value of a long term collaboration.

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