XML is an award-winning international think tank for cross-media and all things technology and communication. With international events held all across the globe, X Media Lab’s unique approach allowed startups to interact and get advice from top experts in mobile, storytelling, augmented and virtual reality, digital and immersive arts, and dozens of industry fields that make sci-fi-like breakthroughs daily.

Each X Media Lab event had a unique signature, a specific theme and influenced by location and culture. During our work together, we were in charge of creating individual brands for each of these events, all under the XML umbrella.

In addition to each event full elements design (booklets, posters, VIP tickets and so), we were in charge of creating a website to provide world-access to event information, keynotes, mentor/speaker profiles, and cutting edge news. 

We also managed XML's email marketing strategy and design, an essential bridge to connect with their international audience.

This project was a true pleasure and privilege, a serious challenge where we had to reinvent our view of the world and adapt it to cultures, languages and creative expectations.